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Select "Add New Message" to post a message. Mister NYC: Updated info. I visited St. Tropez a month ago, but no full strip dances as usual.

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No sex service in the private room was available. Only topless dances and topless private dances.

A week later the police paid them a visit. Girls were arrested for prostitution and full nude dances only topless dances are legal in Puerto Rico. They also found a 16 yr girl working here. Police also visited Deja Vu, for the same reason, prostitution and nude dances.

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They dance topless on stage but private dances were full nude. Some girls are hookers too. Most of them puertoricans. They arrested some dominicans, canadians and a russian girl too. In Kamelot the arrested the girls and the club owner for full nude dances.

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This also happened on Cheetahs. In Frenchies they arrested the girls for prostitution. They never have been in Divas because they only feature topless dances. Visit their web at www. The police visits the the gentlemens club begun when a group of US marines caused a riot at Lucky Seven, the first place intervened by police.

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Actually all girls are free except the minor who is under custody of the Department of the Family. Prostitution and nude dances are a minor felony in Puerto Rico. The girls are working again. They never arrests clients because those clubs have a bar or restaurantso you are visiting a bar not a brothel.

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May be moving to Guanaybo in Puerto Rico in September for work. Sounds like the scene is bad for esteticas, mps and sws! All the girls are getting busted!

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What gives? I f i want to get laid at least twice a week with a hottie, does it mean i'll have to find a gf?. Guaynabo is the most modern city in Puerto Rico, with an average revenue bigger than US average. Guaynabo girls are pretty, to have a girlfriend is a nice option. Operations in nudie places are seasonal, usually happens when somenthing calls the attention of the public, like the incident of the marines in Lucky 7.

Places are still open, and there are some places that offer hotel or home service. Does lucky 7 still operates? I heard a couple of months ago that Sila Calderon governor and very conservative when it comes to sex apparently turned down the idea of establishing Red Zones.


Even St Tropez offered a worldwide selection of International women back in That place is on decline also. Have not been in San Juan since last December. I was born there.

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I live in LA now which fortunately is about 3 driving hours from Tijuana Quality of girls and of the show has decreased. I also miss the good old days, Black Angus was a paradise for sex. What about Lesbian shows in private or in a Club?

Is It True Divas is way overpriced? Besides being overpriced, Divas plays by the rules. That club was once featured in the HBO mini series G-string divas. Yeh Boricua Divas web seems to feature its sister club in Philly more what A shame.

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Wow Coll on that Wierd info on the Pono theatere. Did they have strippers there too?

Two porn theaters here in LIma had strippers but since I have been here I have seen both shut down. One got demolished for apartments the other in Lima centro they shut it down cause of a report on THe Local Lima New on How sleazy the place is.

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If any POrno theaters exist left with with strippers or prostitutes working in them Boricua Please Post it here. I know P. Has sex shops but I heard they are more like novelty fun shops like Condomania or something like that not hardcore like in the mainland USSA Or like sleazy Europe.

So What Happened to that Hooker zone in Santurce? Do any new hooker zones exist in Santurce? Yeh I heard Santurce is a suburb of San Juan. I think Hato Rey had a hooker zone too.

With info on sex hunting or info on to find swingers or sex clubs if they exist in P. I heard before that years back POnce had some illegal type brothel night sex clubs. So in POnce too it seems calmer.

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I Guess lot of the sleaze is all gone from most of the Island??????????? Nibu: The metro system is still under construction.

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It is expected to begin operations next year. The route is from Bayamon to Santurce.

Part of the route is underground, part is over the street and part is elevated. Buses operates from 5 am to 10 or 12 am, and costs 25 or 50 cents.

Taxis are a little expensive. I have heard of mistresses clubs that exist in old San juan but i dont know anything about it.

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Bad news for you guys. The Black Angus and the Miramar are gone. The government put the owner Tursi in jail and razed the area to build a convention center. Have not been at the ST Tropez but a friend told me is buss. Watch out and look close around Ponce the Leon Ave, there are plenty of trasvestites.

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I'm from the island but live in the continental USA, was there for 5 years to and was surprised to se a lot of girls and minors walking around by my hometown east coast ro looking for sex. Not sure about the south and west but was told there is some activity points known only to locals, taxi drivers. Old San Juan is getting more night life because of the casinos.

Puerto Rico Gay Bar Guide - comentarios, mapa gay, fotos

Route One between Rio Piedras and Caguas is active but you need to ask for the pick-up points, they change due to police surveillance. Good Luck and watch your back!

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Great report E Mail but you still have not updated more info on your trip you did to Santiago Chile. PLease if you can then update in the Chile section.

I saw the San Juan phone book the other day in the Chicago library and under massages in the yellow s quite a few. How are some of these massage places that advertise in the yellow s? Is also the San Juan Star the only newspaper that has massage ?

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Any Porn theaters left in San Juan?

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